Sixpence Alchemy Woodchips for Cocktail Smoker - Premium Smoking Chips for Enhanced Cocktail Flavor - 6 Wood Chip Flavours - Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Beech, Oak & Pear

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Brand: Sixpence Alchemy
Colour: Black
Item weight: 10 Grams
Item dimensions L x W x H: 5.5 x 5.5 x 3 centimetres
Fuel type: Wood

Enhance your Cocktail Experience - Our Woodchips for Cocktail Smoker allows you to infuse your drinks with a rich, smoky flavor. Perfect for Old Fashioned, Whiskey, Bourbon, and other cocktails.
Premium Quality - Sixpence Alchemy's wood chips for cocktail smoker are made from top-quality wood, ensuring a consistent, smooth smoke that doesn't overpower your drink.
Versatile - These smoking chips are not limited to cocktails but can be used to smoke meat, fish, cheese & antipasto's. You are only limited by your imagination. Use them in your indoor smoker, smoke gun, smoke infuser or smoke top to add a smoky flavor to various dishes.
Easy to Use - These cocktail smoker wood chips are easy to use. Just add them to your cocktail smoker, light them up, and enjoy the smoky aroma in your drink. All Sixpence Alchemy Smokers and Infusers come with clear instructions and our friendly Aussie Support Team are always available should you have a question.
Great for Gift - This cocktail smoking chip set makes a great gift for whiskey lovers, cocktail enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys a drink. It's a unique addition to any home bar and a perfect addition to a Sixpence Alchemy whiskey smoke kit. Check out our Store for more great gift ideas to pair with our wood chips.

Sixpence Alchemy

Elevate Your Cocktail Game With Our Premium Wood Chips

100% Natural Wood Chips For Smoking Cocktails and Food

Sustainably sourced from premium quality wood, these cocktail smoker chips deliver a consistent, smooth smoke that perfectly complements a variety of spirits and cocktails. Create a smoked Old Fashioned, Smoked Negroni, or any other smoky drinks. The Sixpence Alchemy wood chips are also perfect for smoking food, enhancing the flavour of your meat, cheese & fish in a unique and exciting way.

Enhance Your Food and Cocktail Experience With Sixpence Alchemy

Australia's Sixpence Alchemy Cocktail, food and drink natural flavoured wood chips

Easily smoke drinks and food like a professional with Australia's own Sixpence Alchemy natural wood chips. Carefully selected, seasoned, and cut to the perfect size for efficient smoking and infusion, our wood chips come in resealable screw lid tins for maximum freshness and easy storage.

We offer an exquisite variety of flavours:

~ Oak ~ Apple ~ Pecan ~ Beech ~ Pear ~ Cherry

From Smoked Whiskey to Smoking a Negroni

Wood Chips for Home and Professional Cocktail Smokers and Food infusers

Whether you're looking to elevate your home bar, or are a professional mixologist, our all natural wood chips will add that extra dimension to your next drink. Our smoking chips are ideal for whiskey smoke kits, bourbon smoker kits, and old fashioned smoking kits. They are suitable for use with indoor smokers, smoke infusers, smoke guns and smoke tops. Happy smoking and enjoy the flavour fusion!

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