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Material: Diatomaceous Earth
Weave type: Non-applicable
Item weight: 3 Kilograms
Pile height: Low Pile

[Natural Diatomaceous Bath Mat] This mat not only enhances your bathroom aesthetic but also embraces natural and anti-bacterial properties. Crafted from diatomaceous earth, this mat provides a chemical-free solution, promoting a healthier environment without the need for additional products. Enjoy a refreshing, toxin-free experience every time you step onto this innovative, naturally anti-bacterial bath mat.
[Non Slip Shower Mat] Elevate bathroom safety with our diatomite bath mat featuring a reliable non slip mat surface, ensuring secure footing even in wet conditions. The included anti-slip pad in the box enhances stability, offering an additional layer of protection against accidental slips and falls. Experience peace of mind with every step, as the diatomite mat and anti-slip pad work in harmony to create a secure and enjoyable bathing environment.
[Home Decor Element] Transform your bathroom into a haven of sophistication with our stone bath mat, boasting a luxurious marble-patterned surface. This exquisite design harmoniously melds modern aesthetics and timeless elegance, enhancing the overall decor. The mesmerizing marble pattern not only elevates the visual appeal but also provides a sense of opulence to your space.
[Exceptional Water Absorbing Stone] The diatomaceous earth material's natural absorbent properties allow the mat to quickly and efficiently soak up moisture, keeping your bathroom dry. This high water absorbency not only contributes to a cleaner and safer bathroom environment but also ensures the mat dries quick, ready for the next use.
[Easy Cleaning] Experience hassle-free cleaning with the bath mat's innovative combination of its hard surface and diatomite material. A simple wash with water is all it takes to remove dirt and spills. In the rare instance of wear and tear, the included sandpaper in the box offers a convenient solution. This thoughtful addition allows users to effortlessly rejuvenate the stone bath mat, smoothing out any imperfections and returning it to its original pristine condition.

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