LED Nursery Night Light; Baby Cry Activated; Timer; Bluetooth Speaker; Nature Sounds for Newborn

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  • Better sleep for you and your little one: No more waking up in the middle of the night to put your baby back to sleep. Our white noise machine automatically activates and settles your baby back to sleep without you needing to get out of bed. The baby cry auto-activation function ONLY operates when the baby cries and won't be activated by other noises such as background activity, talking, or music. The sound gently fades in and out, so it doesn't startle your baby.
  • For the whole family: Not just for babies, this baby shusher device has been designed to induce sleep for all the family. It features 14 digitally recorded relaxing sounds, including white noise options for babies, lullabies for toddlers and calming nature sounds such as rain, thunder, ocean waves for teens and adults. 10 Stage volume setting creates a perfect sound environment that cancels unwanted background noise, insomnia or tinnitus
  • (4 in 1) Not just a white noise device: Our baby sound soother device doubles as a fully functional night lamp designed to be bright enough to help you tend to your baby's needs and soft enough to keep your baby in a sleepy state. The candle flicker option creates a dreamy and mesmerizing feeling with soft yellow, orange and red tones for toddlers and young children who don't like a dark bedroom.
  • Stream your favorite music, podcast and more: Our baby sleep sound machine can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Stream your favorite podcasts as you relax on the couch or listen to your favorite relaxing sounds during your yoga session in the lounge room between baby naps.
  • Seamlessly blends in with your décor: Oasis white noise sound machine is stylish and beautifully designed with the very best built-in quality afforded. Why settle for a cheap-looking square or round plastic box when you can add flair with this beautiful decorative product packed with more features than any other product on the market.

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