Vanilla Linen and Room Spray, Natural Home Fragrance Made with Pure Vanilla Essential Oil, Perfect Bathroom Air Freshener or Linen Spray

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Scent: Vanilla
Colour: Vanilla
Brand: Positive Essence
Item form: Oil
Power source: Oil

Spa Quality Room Spray: Relive stress and calm the mind with our organic room spray. Vanilla Oil Scent Profile: Sweet, Earthy, Soft Floral top Notes, Amber
All Natural Bathroom Spray: 100% plant-based concentrated room spray that works to neutralizer odors the safe and natural way. No long winded chemicals. Non-aerosol. Cruelty free. Kid safe.
Handcrafted Pillow Mist: Handmade air freshener spray straight from the spa capital of the world, Thailand. Our unique blending process ensures complete quality control from start to finish.
Vanilla Linen Spray Uses: Not just a linen spray for sheets, but also for clothing, fabrics, yoga mats, furniture, toilets, showers, cars, offices, dryers, carpet, mattresses, and even bodies!
No Risk: Drift off to sleep and wake up feeling fresh with this Vanilla Pillow Spray. If you don’t find this scent absolutely relaxing, simply write to us and we will rectify your order, no questions asked. take great pride in providing the natural home fragrances at an affordable price While our Vanilla Spray is the fan favorite, we offer many other essential oil sprays that we're sure your friends and family will love!

Positive Essence All Natural Aromatic Room and Linen Sprays for Home Fabrics Pillows Organic

Vanilla Linen and Room Spray

Vanilla Room Spray Linen Spray Warm Sweet Natural BedSpray Air Freshener Odor Eliminator

Positive Essence Vanilla Room Spray is a soothing, warm scent; perfect for vanilla lovers. Many of our customers attest that this the richest, most fragrant vanilla spray they’ve ever come across.

Vanilla essential oil has many aromatherapy benefits in addition to its uses for odor elimination and bathroom air freshener.

Safe for use on clothing or even as a body spray.

Scent Profile: Warm, Sweet, Earthy, Soft Floral Top Notes, Amber

Aromatic Profile: Calming, Stress Relief, Aphrodisiac, Relaxing

Pillows Linens Bedsheets Bed Sheet Pillowcase Relaxing SleepFurniture Sofa Carpet Couch Fabric Curtains Rug Towel Home Fragrance Room Spray FreshenerClothing Closet Wardrobe Freshener MistBathroom Air Freshener Toilet Spray Poop Spray Shower Spray

Pillows Linens Bedsheets Bed Sheet Pillowcase Relaxing Sleep

Furniture Sofa Carpet Couch Fabric Curtains Rug Towel Home Fragrance Room Spray Freshener

Clothing Closet Wardrobe Freshener Mist

Bathroom Air Freshener Toilet Spray Poop Spray Shower Spray

Mist over pillows or bed sheets before bed to help you drift off and wake up feeling refreshed!

Home fragrance or a fabric spray for soft furnishings like sofas, curtains, carpets, rugs, and towels to freshen between washes.

Freshen up wardrobes or clothing with just a couple sprays.

Natural bathroom air freshener, toilet spray, or poop spray. It really works!

All Natural

Natural Pure All Natural Organic Eco Clean Therapeutic Pure Non-toxic Clean

This natural toilet spray contains only plant-based ingredients including organically derived stabilizers and essential oils.

Trusted Quality

The remarkable uses of essential oils can only be maximized when using pure essential oils. Since quality regulations are virtually non-existent, knowing where your oils come from and how they are created is crucial to ensuring effectiveness.

Positive Essence products are small-batch hand mixed by people who are passionate about providing customers with the highest quality aromatherapy products on the market. All our ingredients are derived from safe, renewable resources.

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